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Hey, guys... I have a new story out at Torquere - Taylor's Personal Best.

Here's the blurb:

Blue-eyed and effortlessly athletic, Rick is the star of theater major Taylor's very secret fantasies. When Taylor embarrasses himself in front of Rick during workshop, he's sure he's blown whatever chance he might have had to turn his fantasies into reality.

A late night visit by Rick to Taylor's dorm room gives Taylor a second shot to make a good first impression. Can gorgeous Rick inspire Taylor to a new personal best, or will Taylor's insecurities trip him up again?

And a short snippet

Great. Just great.

Taylor was pretty sure a thousand and one ways existed to impress someone. Face planting in front of the entire theater workshop wasn't one of them.

"Hey, man. You okay?"

That would be Devin, workshop organizer. The self same man who'd had the utterly insane idea that the group could improve their footwork on stage by learning to walk a tightrope. A makeshift tightrope, no less, stretched between two of the huge elm trees at the edge of the park in front of the admin building.

At least the tightrope was only two feet off the ground.

Taylor lifted his face off the grass just enough to mumble, "Yeah, I'm fine."

He could hear the giggle twins -- Ashley and Yvette -- having a merry old chuckle at his expense. They'd managed to walk the tightrope just fine. Ashley had even done a turn at one end and practically pranced back down the rope the other way. Then again, she'd had years of ballet lessons and an inhuman sense of balance.

Taylor didn't.

At first, he'd managed to stay upright and on the rope, mostly by circling his arms to the sides and keeping his eyes fixed on his feet. Then he'd made the monumental mistake of looking at Rick, the star of Taylor's very own midnight fantasy theater. Blond, blue-eyed, effortlessly athletic, Rick had been standing off to the side, an admiring smile on his face, hands shoved in the pockets of his blue jeans. His very tight blue jeans.

Taylor's mind had sidestepped right back into his latest fantasy -- the one that had Rick bending Taylor over one of the sawhorses the stage hands used to hold up the props, with Rick propping Taylor up in an up-close, personal, and very filling way. That had been it. Taylor had lost his balance, lost his footing, and wham! He was flat on his face in front of the guy of his dreams.

He pushed himself up off the grass and stood up. Slowly. His entire body hurt, but nothing serious seemed to be out of whack. He'd taken worse falls off his skateboard years ago, and those had been on concrete. At least the grass had cushioned his fall. It had also stained the hell out of his jeans, which now had huge, green, wet patches on the knees. His T-shirt hadn't fared much better.

Taylor didn't have the guts to look Rick in the face. He couldn't stand it if Rick was laughing along with the giggle twins.

Taylor's Personal Best is a brand new, never seen before story. It's available at Torquere for $1.29US.
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