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I have a new story out at Torquere today - Marvin the Marmot Falls in Love.

Here's what Torquere has to say about Marvin:

Star quarterbacks like Spencer don't fall for guys inside giant rodent costumes. Or so Gerry, the guy inside Marvin the Marmot, college mascot for the Middleton Pioneers, believes. Right up until an errant pass brings Gerry up close and personal with the guy of his dreams.

Can a star quarterback fall for a guy who never shows his face on field? Only Marvin, and Gerry, know for sure.

And a short snippet

He had his head under the water when the other guys finished their showers and hurried through getting dressed so as not to miss any of the post homecoming game victory celebrations going on around and off campus. Not that Gerry would have gone with them. He wasn't much for parties. And while two of the other guys on the Spirit Squad were gay, they weren't Gerry's type. Mainly because they weren't Spencer Bennett.

Gerry had a towel wrapped around his middle when the locker room door banged open. "Hello?" he called, all of a sudden very aware he was the only one in the room and nearly naked at that.

"Hey," Spencer called out. "I'm looking for the mascot guy. He still around?"

Shit! Spencer Bennett was here? Looking for him?

Gerry had just started to put on his jeans when Spencer ducked his head around the corner of the row of lockers where Gerry sat. He had no illusions about what Spencer did or didn't see, considering Gerry's legs were spread open as he tried to wrestle his jeans up one still wet leg. Spencer had a perfect view of the fact that Gerry had nothing on except a towel and would be going commando under his jeans.

"Hey," Gerry managed to say. He straightened up and brought his knees together, trying to make it look casual.

"Oh, man, it's you." Spencer gave him a wide grin. "You're the mascot. You doing okay, man?"

Gerry's head still hurt, even after his shower, but he told Spencer that he did, in fact, feel fine. Okay, it was just a small white lie.

"How did you know it was me?" Gerry asked.

"It's your voice."

All Gerry'd said was "no" back on the field, and there'd been thousands of screaming fans drowning him out. "No, really," he said. "How'd you know?"

A really odd thing happened then.

Spencer blushed.

The story's available for $1.29US.


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