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I have a new story out at Torquere today - Marvin the Marmot Falls in Love.

Here's what Torquere has to say about Marvin:

Star quarterbacks like Spencer don't fall for guys inside giant rodent costumes. Or so Gerry, the guy inside Marvin the Marmot, college mascot for the Middleton Pioneers, believes. Right up until an errant pass brings Gerry up close and personal with the guy of his dreams.

Can a star quarterback fall for a guy who never shows his face on field? Only Marvin, and Gerry, know for sure.

And a short snippet under the cut )

The story's available for $1.29US.
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I've got a new holiday story out at Torquere. :)

Snowed In, Las Vegas Style is available here for $1.29 US.

Here's a short synopsis:

Who would have thought a little bit of snow would close down the Las Vegas airport? Certainly not businessman Kevin Cole, who has the bad luck to find himself stranded in the land of slot machines and craps tables two days before Christmas.

To pass the time, Kevin accepts a dinner invitation from fellow strandee Lee. Could dinner lead to something more? Kevin just might discover being snowed in isn't such bad luck after all.

And a snippet under the cut )

I'll have a longer holiday story out the middle of this month. I just saw the cover art for that one, and I'm really excited about it. :)
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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating, Happy Thursday to those who aren't.

I have a brand, spanking new Thanksgiving-themed story over at Torquere - The Perfect Pumpkin Pie. Here's a short description:

Do you like nutmeg in your pumpkin pie? Well, Leo's picky roommate is convinced the stuff's poison, and he's sent Leo on an impossible mission: brave the grocery store crowds two nights before Thanksgiving in search of everything needed to make the perfect -- nutmeg free -- pumpkin pie. Luckily for Leo, he runs into yummy assistant manager Judson, who not only rescues Leo from going home empty handed, but might also save Leo from yet another lonely holiday without a man in his life.

And a short excerpt under the cut )

The Perfect Pumpkin Pie is 14,000 words long and available for $2.49US.
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Happy Thursday, everyone!

I have a few upcoming releases to talk about. Next week, Torquere will be releasing my contribution to their Spice It Up line - "The Perfect Pumpkin Pie." Do you put nutmeg in your pumpkin pie? Well, Leo's roommate is convinced the stuff is poison, and he sends Leo on an impossible mission to the grocery store two nights before Thanksgiving in search of supplies to make the perfect -- nutmeg free -- pumpkin pie. Luckily for Leo, he runs into yummy assistant manager Judson, who not only rescues Leo from the unreasonable demands of his picky roommate, but might also save Leo from yet another lonely holiday without a man in his life.

Then in December I'll have two holiday stories on the Torquere site: A Holiday Sip entitled "Snowed In, Las Vegas Style" and a Holiday Single Shot entitled "Christmas on the Coast." More on these two stories in the upcoming weeks.

And something else that's cool -- I'm hosting over on [livejournal.com profile] torquere_social this Saturday, the 14th. I'll have snippets from "The Perfect Pumpkin Pie" as well as my two Christmas stories, and I'll also be giving away a free copy of "The Perfect Pumpkin Pie" to one lucky commenter. I hope you'll stop by during the day and say hi!
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Hey, guys... I have a new story out at Torquere - Taylor's Personal Best.

Here's the blurb:

Blue-eyed and effortlessly athletic, Rick is the star of theater major Taylor's very secret fantasies. When Taylor embarrasses himself in front of Rick during workshop, he's sure he's blown whatever chance he might have had to turn his fantasies into reality.

A late night visit by Rick to Taylor's dorm room gives Taylor a second shot to make a good first impression. Can gorgeous Rick inspire Taylor to a new personal best, or will Taylor's insecurities trip him up again?

And a short snippet under the cut )

Taylor's Personal Best is a brand new, never seen before story. It's available at Torquere for $1.29US.
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I'm featured author this week over at Torquere:


In the interview I talk a little about my writing process in general, and writing Comstock in particular. Thanks to the folks at Torquere for opportunity. :D

Happy Friday, everyone!
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I have a new release out from Torquere. :) I'm jazzed about this one; it's my first long stand alone piece, plus it has it's own cover art!

Comstock is available from Torquere Press for $3.95US.

Here's what reviewer Kiernan Kelly wrote about Comstock:

Reggie Grayson is an actor with the San Francisco Shakespeare Company, traveling to Virginia City for an engagement at Piper's Opera House. The year is 1883, and stagecoach isn't the safest mode of transportation, as Reggie finds out when the stage is robbed en route to Virginia City. The gentleman thief relieves Reggie of his keepsake pocket watch, as well as his coin purse.

In Virginia City, things take a turn for the better when Reggie discovers he has a secret admirer, and his stolen pocket watch reappears.

Aaron Michaels has written a fabulous period story set in the American West. Michaels' exquisitely drawn settings and characters immediately place the reader squarely in the middle of Virginia City. From the rich and gilded upper class to the miners who toil in unspeakable conditions underground, the society of Virginia City at the time is deftly shown, as is life onstage for the troupe of actors.

Even more powerful is the love affair between Reggie and his newfound love, Cole. The reader feels not only the lovers' trepidation, but also the strength of their respective characters as they keep to the shadows, always afraid of being found out, and struggle to overcome a hard truth that rises between them.

Comstock is an extraordinary historical tale, full of mystery and intrigue, and a love affair destined to live on after the last page is turned.

And here's a work-safe snippet, under the cut )

Surfer Boys

Apr. 7th, 2009 07:39 pm
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I got my contrib copies of Surfer Boys edited by Neil Plakcy in today's mail. Good looking book!

The book will be out on May 1st, but it can be pre-ordered through Amazon.
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Oh, man, no wonder this movie made $72.5M this weekend:

And it's a good movie to boot. :)

Brian and Dom, together again. *happy sigh*
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I have a brand new story out from Torquere today. :)

The Case of the Missing Boa is one of six novelettes in the wonderful book Animal Attraction 2 edited by Vincent Diamond. The book is available either as an ebook at $5.95US or as a print book at $13.95US.

Here's an excerpt from Boa:

totally worksafe )
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I have a new Sip out today!

Bad, Bad Boys is available over at Torquere Books. *g* Cost is $1.29.

Here's Torquere's blurb about the story:

Marc is ready and willing to punish William for not following the rules, even if it was to help out a friend in need. He loves to make William pay for the little details, and their friend may be sacked out in their garden room, but he's asleep, right? When William turns the tables, though, things go delightfully askew. Will these bad boys be able to face up to their mistakes?

And an excerpt under the cut:
There were penalties for not putting keys in the basket. )
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Well, this is quite a day. I have not one, but two new stories out today at Torquere. :)

The first one is It's Tradition -- here's a short summary:

"Justin isn't much for Vegas Christmas parties, especially when his sister is throwing them. She always wants to set him up with someone, and this time is no different. Justin thinks Reggie is hot, but he's been hurt too badly to trust someone so quickly, and he decides to leave before he can get too interested. Can meeting up with Reggie at his sister's house for dinner change Justin's mind?"

And under the cut, a a short excerpt )

It's Tradition is available here for $1.29 US.

The second story is a novelette -- Secret Santa. Here's a summary:

"Ollie Dickinson, the office Scrooge, hates company parties, especially the yearly Secret Santa gift exchange. Except this year he's drawn Matt Robbins, the hot new junior accountant, who just happens to be the object of loner Ollie's very secret fantasies. Great, right? Not exactly. Matt is the protégé -- and some say boy toy -- of Ollie's cougar boss, and totally out of poor Ollie's middle management league.

Ollie finds out his secret crush on Matt isn't quite so secret when he gets gift-giving advice from co-workers who seem to be pushing him in Matt's direction. Can Ollie find the perfect Christmas gift and win Matt's heart without getting himself fired? Christmas is, after all, the season of miracles."

And under the cut, a short sample )

Secret Santa is available here for $2.49.

Both stories feature one old and one younger guy. I'm sure you all know what my inspiration was in writing them. ;)
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Happy Halloween, everyone!

My newest story, "Billy and the Ghosts," is part of the Halloween Sip blitz over at Torquere Press.

Kissing the gravestone of a Virginia City madam at midnight on Halloween shouldn't be such a big deal, right? Sure, Billy would rather be kissing Jeff, but Jeff is totally out of his league. Will Billy find the courage to steal a moonlight kiss from the guy of his dreams? Or will Billy need a little help from the residents of Boothill Cemetery to land his guy?

And a little snippet under the cut:

not so safe for work )

The story's available here, cost is $1.29.

Happy reading!
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Today the Halloween Sip Blitz authors are playing over on [livejournal.com profile] torquere_social, posting snippets from stories up for sale on Torquere on the 30th.

My Halloween story this year is called "Billy and the Ghosts." Here's a description:

Kissing the gravestone of a Virginia City madame at midnight on Halloween shouldn't be such a big deal, right? Sure, Billy would rather be kissing Jeff, but Jeff is totally out of his league. Will Billy find the courage to steal a moonlight kiss from the guy of his dreams? Or will Billy need a little help from the residents of Boothill Cemetery to land his guy?

Head on over to [livejournal.com profile] torquere_social to read the snippet along with all the other previews posted today. I'll post a direct link to the story once it goes live on the Torquere site.

And remember -- only two more days till Halloween!
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Today's my day on the Torquere anniversary promotion. That means I have a new little Wiseguys story - A Touch of Domestic - up for free on the Torquere site. This freebie ficlet follows Wiseguys: To Have and To Hold.

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Today's Wedding Sip Blitz day over on the Torquere Social comm. What's a Wedding Sip Blitz? Here's the official announcement:

Check out Torquere Press' Wedding Sip Blitz! Twenty of Torquere's great authors (including me!) have written wedding themed stories to show their support in the fight for equal recognition of gay and lesbian marriage! Sexy and sweet, funny and dramatic, these Sips will satisfy everyone's urge for something old and something new, something borrowed and something blue!

My new Wiseguys story is a part of the blitz. The stories will be published by Torquere this Saturday, September 13th, and can be purchased singly or as a group at a discount. The authors will be donating their profits to the Lambda Legal Defense Fund, and Torquere will be matching their donation dollar for dollar.

It's a great cause which I whole-heartedly support. I'll post a direct link to the story this weekend, but in the meantime, I've posted a snippet from the story on torquere_social.


Aug. 14th, 2008 12:01 am
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I spiffed up my user information page with some long overdue links to my published stories, as well as a short promo for a new Wiseguys story which will be published by Torquere in September. I enjoy writing about Tony and Carter, and I'm jazzed the story will be part of a special promotion from Torquere in conjunction with their fifth anniversary.

What else is coming up from me? I just signed a contract for a story in a print anthology due out in 2009. The story still needs publisher approval. Once that happens and I have an idea of the publication date, I'll post about it here.

I'm currently working on two new stories and have a proposal in for a third. After frittering away the first part of this year on other projects, it feels good to be working on new stuff again. :)
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I can't believe it's July already. I'm having a hard time dealing with the fact that half a year is gone. I don't feel like I've done as much as I should have by this halfway point in 2008.

Part of the problem is that I'm crawling out from under a bad case of burnout. I was sick the first part of this year, then I went to a writers workshop the end of February, came home, and promptly got sicker. I had a deadline (self-imposed sorta; it's a challenge thing) I met the end of March only by writing thirty thousand some odd words in the last four days of the month. I was supposed to be doing the same thing the second quarter of this year, only without (hopefully) the end of the quarter marathon. Did I? Nope.

Sure, I did write other things, and I kept stuff in the mail, but my writing every day work schedule went out the window when I got sick for the second time. I finally realized I have to give my body a break before it gives me a swift kick in the ass that lands me in bed, and not in a positive, life-affirming way. ;) Part of it was just enjoying the time not writing -- going back to just having a day job and spending time off work with family and projects around the house. This having two jobs -- the day job and the writing job -- plus a family and household obligations can wear a person out; it sure did me.

So... I've decided not to beat myself up for basically taking three months off. I haven't taken a vacation from the writing gig in five years. I'm considering the three months as accrued PTO. *g* But starting this quarter, I'm getting back in the saddle, so to speak, although if I take a day off here and there, I'm not going to get too upset about that either. I have writing projects I want to work on, stories I want to submit. And I think now my head's in the right place to do that.
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Nothing like getting my contrib copies for my first in print gay erotica story in the mail to cheer up a sick writer. :) Fantasy Man is in the anthology Hard Hats, which is available on Amazon. How cool is that? :)

Here's a snippet, under the cut:

From the gentleman in the last booth. )
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2007 was a pretty good year for my erotica writing. :)

Not only did Torquere Press publish my first gay erotica sale, Make Me Beg, in the anthology "Animal Attraction" edited by the wonderfully talented [livejournal.com profile] vdiamond, Torquere also published three more stories of mine in their sip line: Wiseguys, Haunted (part of the Halloween Sip Blitz), and Wiseguys: Christmas in Idaho.

I had two more sales in 2007 for hard-copy anthologies: Chameleon to "Screaming Orgasms and Sex on the Beach" edited by Shanna Germain, and Fantasy Man to "Hard Hats" edited by Neil Plakcy. Both these anthologies should be out sometime this year.

Now, let's see what I can do about making 2008 an even better year. :)
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